Rollout Resources

Welcome to the launch pad that will help you get your congregation more involved, engaged and communicating better than ever before.
Let's start getting your church connected.

What does a rollout look like?

A rollout doesn't happen overnight. There's no button to push. It's a process, not an event. It takes a little bit of time, but that's because you're building something that lasts. Best of all, it's the beginning of something amazing for the people in your church.

  • Pre-Launch

    Churches who plan the most, succeed the quickest. But you're not starting from scratch. We're here to give you confidence moving into your Launch.

  • Launch

    An initial launch typically lasts between 6-18 weeks. During this time, you focus on communication, awareness, and simple calls to action.

  • Growth

    Growth naturally happens as you start using Realm. As you make it part of the everyday life of your church, more and more people will join in.

Get the Resources

  • Guides

    Ready-to-use materials full of helpful advice and instructions from our rollout experts.

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  • Assets

    Marketing assets you can use in your communication to your church about Realm (e.g. logos).

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  • Videos

    Learn about the features of Realm and show these videos to anyone in your church.

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  • Expert Guidance

    Our launch team can help you implement proven best practices to achieve your ministry goals with Realm. Many of our coaches are former church staff who understand how churches operate, and we’ve gathered their advice to put together some service packages to help with your rollout.

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